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Improve Your Home with a Room Addition, Part 2

Room Additions Anne Arundel County MD

To continue with our post about ideas for expanding the space in your home, we offer the following ideas:

A glasshouse is an indoor greenhouse that is made primarily of glass, with a glass ceiling and glass walls. It is an outstanding way to grow plants, especially if the windows are well insulated. It may not be an

all-season room, but you can work with the crew at Gateway Construction Company to make sure the room addition you build perfectly suits your needs.

Game Room
All gaming is suitable for a game room. From pool to ping pong to video games, with the space for an entertainment center, be sure to make this space comfortable and accommodating.  It will definitely be the most popular place in the house. Don’t forget you’ll need plenty of electrical outlets.

Hobby Room
A hobby room can be used for scrapbooking, sewing, stamp collecting, and anything that needs special tools and equipment. However, if you make this space too tailored to your hobby, be aware that it may make selling your home more difficult. Try to plan it to be flexible enough that future home buyers can do what they want with it.

A mudroom is a perfect area for dirty shoes and wet umbrellas. Storage space for coats, hats, and boots is essential to make this room useful. You may even include a sink for cleaning up.

Ask for a free estimate from Gateway Construction Company when you are thinking about adding room additions in Anne Arundel County, MD. We can help you decide on the functions of your new rooms and work with you on a timeline and budget.

Improve Your Home with a Room Addition, Part 1

Room Additions Anne Arundel County MD

Some of the most common reasons to expand a home include adding a screened-in porch, converting a garage into a guest suite, and installing an in-ground swimming pool. There are countless reasons why homeowners add additional rooms to their homes. Often an addition is done to accommodate a growing family. Other reasons include changes in lifestyles, hobbies, or physical needs. There may also be individualized reasons to decide on adding a room to a home. The following are some room additions that serve specific purposes:

Music Room
Installing a music room in your home ensures that you have a place to make music and store your musical instruments or equipment. Music rooms do have special requirements such as soundproofing.

Spas are often deluxe bathrooms. They come with different features like hot tubs, steam showers, and sauna baths.

Sunrooms are made of glass, wood, and standard drywall. They appear to be regular rooms, but with extra windows. Sunrooms can be built for a particular season, which depends on the level of insulation you install.

No matter what your reason for wanting to expand your home, adding room additions in Anne Arundel County, MD, improves the value and appeal of any size home. However, it’s important that your addition is done properly by a licensed, experienced professional like those at Gateway Construction Company. Call (410) 798-8908 today to ask for a free consultation.

Expand Your Home with a Room Addition

When you first buy your home, it is perfect for your needs at that moment and maybe for a few years. However, things change over time, and people often need more space for various reasons. When your house is getting too small you don’t have to move because you can turn to us for room additions in Anne Arundel County, MD. Check out some reasons why people need to expand their living space below.

Office Space

Whether you work from home or not, you might need an additional area that is dedicated to your work. You can count on our team to create the ideal space for you to complete your work.

Expecting a Child

Whether this is your first child or third, you might not have enough space for your little bundle of joy. The team at Gateway Construction Company will be here to build an additional bedroom before you bring your little one home.

Making a Room Larger

If you want to expand the master bedroom or living room, our construction crew has experienced adding onto an existing room. Having enough room is ideal because it makes a room more functional.

Connect with our (410) 798-8908 to schedule an appointment to discuss room additions in Anne Arundel County, MD.